Coochie is my name, don’t wear it out!


So, Coochie Mondi…why Coochie? What does it mean?? Ma che significa ‘Coochie’?  OMG you’re pig…are you a whore?

Coochie is My Name, so don’t wear it out… on porn!  Did I just say Porn?

Ma che significa ‘Coochie’?  What does ‘Coochie’ mean? You mean you like SEX? Are you a whore?

You don’t like it?  Get your own fashion sense.

Well, I’ll have you know the word, ‘coochie’ is endearing, cute, loving and also sexy…but it has been smeared by the PORN INDUSTRY!…and I, Antonella Sigismondi have decided to take back my COOCHIE!

Us ladies have experienced all kinds of nonsense just by owning one.  I  mean geez, get your own!  The religious guilt…jesus is angry

and I thought I’d be married by now(

Oh wait!  I am…First_Communionhowever, he seems pretty polygamous to me…gosh the church is so confused.

On a holy note, all kidding aside:  If I ever did meet a real Jesus-like human…he’s mine! )))()(((

So, Welcome to CoochieMondi

danny and ines 079bl wrds

where Love and Passion MATTERS!

This is Antonella Sigismondi from CoochieMondi  wishing you All the Best in your Innermost Desires and Passions.  Remembering to keep them ALIVE!





2 thoughts on “Coochie is my name, don’t wear it out!

  1. ‘Bout time, my lovely. You inspire a creative fire in the dear hearts all around you and I feel privileged to be in your world. ‘Can’t wait for the Celebrity Roast. I’m awreddy’ preppin’ jokes from waaay back when we were in art-school together – BOOM !!

    • love yoo Honey •


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