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Part 2:


Coochie Mondi is extremely honoured and excited to interview once again,  Ari Kopel for Coochie Star of the Month Part 2.   She’s truly an original…check this out:  An extraordinary woman who has worked for NASA, an established Author of which two of her recent books titled, Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality, and, Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment have become National Best-Sellers!  What an accomplishment!  

"Just got my book delivered last night and had a hard time putting it down but I finally had to go to sleep. 
 Can't wait to finish it tonight! "  - Diane Ingram
"Its excellent. A must read!"  - M. Cantori

You can get it at:
 She is also the current Owner of a Radio-Show called Shattering the Matrix on Blog-Talk Radio, and the Owner and Founder of an ever-growing Website, 2012Emergence.comwhich touches on the Art of Being and Believing, or Informing or NOT, and she’s a Mom!   Ari has affected more lives than you can know and is a Warrior Full-Arms-Open in her approach and a Guardian to All.

For this second part, I had to finish asking certain questions that came to my mind post interview.  We touch on a lot of personal questions I had on our souls and on our planet. Enjoy this 2nd part of this Two-Part Series Interview with the Lovely Lady who has a one relationship to God-Source.   

Beware, content might be con-





Is Shamballa real?  Or in our Hearts?  Or is there an actual place?  Have you been there? agartha_earth3maxresdefault


Shamballa is real.  Many who have been there in higher-frequency bodies have memories of it and also carry this in their hearts.  Yes, I have been there, as well as Telos.  But, many of the memories there are veiled from our physical minds because of the nefarious forces that love to read minds and create interference.


What do you do now?


I am a full-time author and speaker and blogger.


Tell us About your radio-show 🙂


The radio show presents information that is fringe.  It is “Out there”.  The subject matter can be about extraterrestrials, the paranormal, reptilians

“Wolfgang and the Devil”, Michael Pacher, 1483. *Note the reptilian form the devil takes on*
“Wolfgang and the Devil”, Michael Pacher, 1483. *Note the reptilian form the devil takes on*

(a race of ETs), earthchanges, CERN, the cabal, or we can be talking about angels, protection, connection with Creator and other inspiring subjects.  The aim of the show is to help awaken people that there is more than meets the eye.

“…in this world and the not knowing about it makes us victims or worse – enslaved.”

'Are you in their internship program, as well?2

“Are you in their internship program, as well?”

"A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in a church, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknownst to persons outside their group.  Cabals are sometimes secret societies..."

What is a LIGHT-WORKER?  Are we all natural light-workers?  Is that Elitist?


Not everyone is a Light Worker.  Being a Light Worker takes conscious decision.  It means you work for the Light.  But, it’s really more than that.

It means you are in service to the Light and all the life-forms on the planet.  It means you WORK!”…

Why did I capitalize the word work?  Because many people don’t understand the Light Work means you are actively trying to bring balance to the world that is out of balance.

“It means we are vigilant against those nefarious forces that are working against the Light and plotting to create suffering and destroy the life-forms on the planet.”

This vigilance is non-stop and implementing the corrections of what is out of balance is non-stop.  Those that are True Light Workers are out writing blogs, speaking on podcasts, writing books, being activists, running websites, speaking to their neighbors, planting gardens, being a role model to children, consoling the elderly – doing something to help alleviate, educate or empower others!  It is not about resting on our laurels that we have achieved spiritual enlightenment and the hell with everyone else, as this would negate being Spiritually Enlightened.


What do you think about FAME?  Fame vs. Success?  Is it all ego?  Or what about money?


This is a loaded question.  Fame can be obtained because one is in the limelight, being a spokesperson or an activist.  Look at Gandhi, for example.  He was in the limelight and was famous.  And he was successful in unifying and creating awareness via peaceful resistance.  So, he was famous and successful.  I guess what you’re talking about is the fame and success one obtains via idolatry, when one is idolized for their popularity because of hero-worship or granting of special powers to another – such as a Hollywood Star or Rock Star.

Madona kissing Britany at the Juno Awards

Madona kissing Britany at the Juno Awards

These have their place in our society.  The problem is that many of us get influenced by these folks who have great power to manipulate our way of thinking and our decision-making process.  Many young girls, for example, will go on radical diets to look like certain Hollywood Celebs, and can’t achieve that.  They become depressed and acquire problems like bulimia and anorexia. Celebs should be advocating loving yourself just the way you are – instead of giving the impression that everyone has to look like them to be accepted in society. And yes, “that” is ego.

 ac219828bd708346e883d63283adc689.210x320x1 (2)

ANTONELLA SIGISMONDI Is it dangerous for people to think that all money is evil …bringing them to the streets?


Money: The concept of money has been demonized by New Age thinking. Money is the currency or energy exchange in most societies here.  So, unless we become self-sustainable or live with some tribe in a remote part of the world, we have to deal with money.  Money, when used as a tool to obtain what we need, allows us to function and participate on this planet.  When it becomes something we worship or the end-all, that is when we are out of balance and money owns us.


What is beauty?  Is it really simply a math?

Beauty is really an experience for each one of us.  For example, I see beauty in a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  I also see beauty in dark, ominous storm clouds.  There is a special beauty in those, as I recognize what they’re capable of if they touch the ground.  I see beauty in a black panther and in a baby lamb.  All are unique experiences for me.  So this gives credence to the saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”


Why do you think people are so compelled to follow physical beauty or be so influenced by it?


The Nordics


Pleiadian Aliens

People are compelled to follow physical beauty because we recognize this beauty at a soul level.  If that person has had experiences with Higher Realms or Higher Dimensions, the beings that reside in such planes of existence are beautiful and radiant with perfect bodies and facial features.  So, we gravitate to that which we recognize as good, pure and true.


Is beauty really a reflection of a good soul?


“Beauty is a reflection of the resonance match of the beholder with what is being observed”.

For example, I am attracted to good-looking people because of my soul memory of beautiful, radiant Beings in Higher-Dimensional Worlds.  But, I am also attracted to a person who has a beautiful, clean and radiant soul – who may not be physically attractive by our standards.  I will gravitate to this person more and probably first, because of the soul recognition – since in those Higher Realms we experience through vibration first.  I would recognize that other person’s vibration and there would be a match with mine.  The physical beauty wouldn’t even come into play. 1866172_vb 104980_1218241178660_full


Is fashion being vain?  Are we getting on the wrong track?  Or is it all creativity? An expression of our emotions creatively?


Fashion is also a way to create beauty while being in this physical form.  Why not?  It is in a sense an art form.  But, it can also be tainted when we use it to feed our ego.  Then, it becomes a means to attract attention to self and one’s ranking in the world.  So, then it becomes ugly – at a spiritual level.

Official Diamond Jubilee portrait of HM The Queen and  HRH The Duke of Edinburgh photographed in the Centre Room of Buckingham Palace. in this portrait taken to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen's Accession. The Queen is wearing a state dress  by the designer Angela Kelly and the State Diadem crown. She is wearing Queen Victoria's Collet Necklace, worn for Queen Victoria on the occasion of her own Diamond Jubilee. The sash in the blue Garter Riband. The Duke of Edinburgh is wearing Royal Navy ceremonial day dress (admiral of the Fleet) with Garter Sash. Embargoed until 0001am Monday February 6th 2012.
Official Diamond Jubilee portrait of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of 
Edinburgh photographed in the Centre Room of Buckingham Palace. in this 
portrait taken to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen's Accession. TheQueen is wearing a state dress by the designer Angela Kelly and the StateDiadem crown. She is wearing Queen Victoria's Collet Necklace, worn for 
Queen Victoria on the occasion of her own Diamond Jubilee. The sash in 
the blue Garter Riband. The Duke of Edinburgh is wearing Royal Navy 
ceremonial day dress (admiral of the Fleet) with Garter Sash. Embargoed 
until 1am Monday February 6th 2012.

Do you think we can eliminate a lot of ego and problems in our world by showing appreciation?


“I think that this is a great start in eliminating ego.  By being in appreciation, especially continuously, we begin to align ourselves with a different vibration – that of Creation. We realize that we are in the flow of Creator and that nothing”…

“… No “thing” is created without the Intelligence, Wisdom and Love of the Creator. When we realize this, we then set aside the “I” as being in the limelight.  Then we can appreciate Creation and all the diversity in it.  We function not as a separate individual, but as one with the flow of Creator-Essence.  So, basically, we don’t do anything without it coming from God-Source first, since It creates Everything.”


What is all this talk about Ascending vs. Awakening?


That one is again a loaded question.  It takes a book to answer this one. Awakening: most of us are doing that every day, as we experience life and compare the information we are taking in with our reality.  Hopefully we’re honest enough to admit that the beliefs and concepts we held onto so dearly aren’t true based on the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

...”Ascension is what most light workers think they’ll get by certain dates or timelines or external events.  It’s a spiritual graduation, where most think they’ll arrive in a happy place like a fifth-dimensional Earth.”…


Is Ascension felt or unfelt?


“Ascension, in truth, is not a place you go to, but a shift in consciousness and Self-Mastery.  That is attained right here and right now, once we make the conscious decision that we’ll make better choices with our emotions, thoughts and deeds – and we become full participants in this world, making sure everyone else has a chance to experience this too.”


Is it permanent or temporary?


“It is permanent, as once a person achieves Self-Mastery it is self-fulfilling – you are there!”


Can one ascend once dead?


“Yes, one can ascend when one crosses over or has died in the physical form.”


Where are we from?


“We all originate from Source-Creator.  After that, we are from many different realms and worlds. Some of us are new to the Earth experience and some of us are new souls.


Do all souls come from same place?


Again, a loaded question.

“At Source – Zero Point, or the Bosom of Creator – we all originate from there.”  

1dfcd0e (1)

“We then experience the different worlds and realms in the Creation.”  

So, we may not have all had Earth as our first experience.  Earth is rather young, actually.  We all came in with a blank slate – when we were originally created at Source.

ANTONELLA SIGISMONDI            200083-eye-of-god

Are we all good deep down?


The choices we made along the way, through each experience defines us now, as we create our own vibratory signature of the Real Us.  So based on our experiences and choices and if we lean more toward polarity

or the other.  Positive or Negative – the Light vs the Dark, we will be at either a higher-frequency expression or more resonating with a lower-frequency expression.

Star Wars

Star Wars

“So, at Source/Zero-Point, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s just Creation making choices and expressing. We, on the other hand, define things as good or bad, not understanding that everything originates from God-Source.”


What does a Pole Shift entail?  Is it hearsay?  How can that be calculated?  Is it dangerous?


I was the assistant to a very important scientist in pole shifts and ice ages.  We were studying the evidence of how many times the Earth flipped and how the evidence was in the layers of the ocean floor as the tiny crustaceans died in extreme temperatures.  There have been many Pole Shifts and yes we’re due for another one.  It can’t be calculated to the exact date.  And yes it can be dangerous. There are two types: the Magnetic flip and the Geological Pole Shift,


which means the crust of the earth floats around the magma.  As this happens the oceans come out of their basins onto the land.  So, it’s not a good idea to be living on the coasts if this were to occur.


Are Chemtrails  real?  A lot of people think they are not  (Any good links?)



They are real.  All you have to do is look up and see an airplane with the normal exhaust that evaporates after a short while and then the ones that linger and the planes that crisscross to form these lines in the sky that eventually swell up and become synthetic clouds covering the sky.  I don’t have good links to share, but this information can be researched on your own.

 There are many sites that discredit this and other sites that have a lot of mistaken information about this.  The problem is that we’re getting inundated with too much information about it and we can’t tell the truth from the lies.  But, this doesn’t mean that chemtrails aren’t real and that they are not causing problems in our atmosphere, our planet and our health.


Is Niburu for Real?  Can it be a darkside of us?  Can we will it away on another path?


Nibiru is real.

It isn’t a “darkside of us” and no, if it’s on the path towards us, it cannot be “willed” away, as this is part of the natural cycle created via the Original Design.

This is an opportunity for exponential growth for those willing to do their True spiritual work,

“and a way of cleansing what has gone awry via poor choices leading to lower consciousness and vibration.”


What is Cern?  In your words please.


“CERN is a repeat of what happened in Atlantis”.

The Atlantean scientists took it upon themselves to act as God, and thus tried to create monstrosities and alternate realities while not being spiritually prepared or spiritually responsible. As a consequence, it brought the destruction of that civilization. CERN is creating particles and doing things to these particles that only those that are appointed to create and destroy worlds in those Realms of Creation are charged to do. The scientists have no conceptual understanding or spiritual understanding to comprehend the implications of what they are doing.  They are creating an opening to the lower astral realms, and letting in things that we don’t want here – things that were kept on the other side through an etheric fence called the Veil.  Once this tear or hole occurs, the term “all hell will break loose” is in order.

“CERN is not what they claim it to be – a benign scientific experiment in finding the God Particle, but a way to destroy God’s Creation.”


I consider you to be a strong woman.  What does it take to be a strong woman? Is it enough with just will and action but without creating a war on men?  Or any advice on Challenged women who have had it hard?  Someone who has had or is dealing with too many emotions?

I can only answer this question based on my experience in this embodiment.  I am strong because I choose to be so.  I also recognize myself as a soul first and a woman second.  As a soul, I am invincible and courageous.  I am a doer, and amover and shaker.  I get things done!  I don’t talk to just talk, but walk the walk.  I don’t take crap from anyone, especially when what they represent is not in alignment with the Light that I represent.  So, I come across as harsh many times, as abrasive… In reality, I am very shy, quiet and reserved – until provoked.  When I have to step up to defend the helpless and give a voice to the voiceless, I become a Spiritual Warrior where I have no qualms in doing what is necessary to prevent harm and quash a threat.
Emotions in women is a big, big problem along with self-esteem, victimization, being emotionally needy, having self-doubt, believing the negative sound bites that play in our head about us being unworthy, stupid, useless, unattractive, powerless, weak, etc.  We don’t have to create war with men, we just have to stand our ground and be authentic with ourselves.

“Time we take control of our lives and the bring positive change to the world through our nurturing, love, caring, kindness, humility and ancient wisdom that connects directly to Mother Earth.”

Antonella Sigismondi

Finalmente!…Tell us about your second Book..with link)))

Ari Kopel

Yes, I have two books.

9780986176913Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment, teaches us how we can reclaim our spiritual power and authority by connecting directly with God-Source; protect ourselves from the astral entities and dark forces; manifest the life we want and effect positive change in the world.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Recognize and connect to God/ Prime Creator
  • Use specialized meditation, prayer and mantras to connect directly to the Higher Realms
  • Make correct emotional choices
  • Neutralize negative emotions and embrace joy and harmony
  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Protect yourself and loved ones from the Dark Forces and negative entities
  • Heal yourself and others
  • Manifest a wonderful life
  • Figure out your purpose
  • Become inspired to take action and empowered to effect positive change in this world
This book became a #1 Bestseller!   You can get it at:


One that launched Apr18th 2015  made #1 Bestseller called Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality.

The book exposes the tactics and strategies of the Dark Forces and how we’re deceived every day, messed with and made ineffective. While we’re kept distracted, we don’t take the necessary action to help effect change. It demonstrates how many of us have been duped through false spirituality, how this is done and why we fall for it. The “sinister forces” animate those that create social issues, wars, injustices, suffering, environmental issues, and unprecedented conditions on the planet. They are also responsible for creating drama, health issues, financial issues, interpersonal problems and a dependence on others for our spiritual truths so that we are disconnected from Source-Creator and weakened. They then divide and conquer us, and quash our ability to “Return to God”. The information in the book will show us how to detect these strategies, how not to fall for them and what we can do to use their “tactics” against them, in order to turn this around, in favor of the Light.

Here is the information on the second book, “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection & Empowerment”:

You can get it on Amazon  here:

Antonella Sigismondi

Thank you again for helping us better understand certain things 🙂

Ari Kopel

Thank you Antonella. 🙂

For more information on Coochie Mondi please click here:

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Author’s site is:

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  1. I have bought this book today Ari and feel really blessed to have kindred spirits like yourself in our global community.
    Like me and this wonderful book of yours may it continue to give you strength courage and determination to continue forward in the FULL liberation of this planet for all sentient life forms upon this dear planet.
    Light Love & Liberation
    Member of Ari Kopel website

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