I’m starting my own business! )))()(((

Hello everyone!  I,  Antonella Sigismondi, am pleased to announce I am on my way to launching my own artistic venue online. “CoochieMondi” has been a creative endeavor of mine for 4 years now, where I have sewn, painted, filmed and even created some music for loads of expressive fun!

This short film was produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with the help of my awesome friends and family!

I also participated in FAT fashion show, where I was able to transform crazily exciting drawing into body wear and function.))  Pillows for back-support when you’re typing away in your SEAT!  OUCH!!  …and pillows for your shoulder posture, if you don’t do yoga, exercise or doctors 😉

While I was doing what I would call magic, I was living in a hole; no heat, no fridge, bugs, mice, roached, in the dead of ice winter,  and was also being robbed by a neighbor.  Sigh, (( .


“CoochieMondi” saved my life, and so did my friends!  Thank you.))

Then I moved to Italy….more to come………………


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